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Cost of A Roof in Spring TX | 2022

Cost of A Roof in Spring TX | 2022

How much does a new roof cost in Spring, TX? When it comes to roof replacement prices it can be confusing. In this blog we breakdown what the current roof replacement price is and we give some examples of past jobs and what the current price of replacing that roof.

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change. Right now prices have been change dramatically the last 2 years due to the rising inflation. This will help you get a good idea of how much a new roof will cost you in the Spring market area as of Summer 2022

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2022 Roof Prices

The current roof replacement price is $375 – $475 per square of $3.75 – $4.75 per square foot.

In our industry, we base off our prices off the total square foot of your roof. This means that we will get the total square footage of your roof system and divide by 100 to equal the total squares.

Total Square Footage / 100 = Total Squares

For Example: 

If you have a roof that measures out to be 3,000sqft we divide that by 100 and we get a 30SQ roof system. You can expect to pay around $11,250 – $14,250.

$375 Per Square Roof System Price:

This price is for a traditional roof system with simple roofs that don’t have many valleys or steep to walk on. This price is usually for 1 story homes and easy 2 story homes.

$475 Per Square Roof System Price:

This price is for homes that are larger and steeper with upgraded products such as upgraded underlayment, upgraded shingles and etc.

How Can I Get the Total Square Footage of My Roof?

You can go on your roof and measure it yourself if you have a low pitch roof that is easy to walk on. But we would never recommend that to someone because of how dangerous it is to slip and fall.

Our recommendation is to get a satellite measurement using EagleView Technologies

It can cost about $50 for a report but it will get you an accurate measurement of your roof and the pitch.

Large Home Roof Cost Example

6,500 sqft / 65 SQ

The homeowner wanted the upgraded products such as upgraded shingles, synthetic felt, the ridge and also extra details were performed such as chimney flashing. With the upgraded options and technicality to this larger size home it was priced at $29,000.

The project itself took about 3 Days to finish with the 3rd day just working on details and final pickup of any missed nails and debris.

Traditional Roof Cost Example

3,400 sqft / 34 SQ

The average home in Spring, TX is usually between 30SQ – 40SQ. This an example of a traditional home type and the roof size. The price to replace the roof today is $12,750.

With our traditional roof replacements the following items are included below:

  • 30 Year Architectural Shingles
  • Synthetic Underlayment
  • Ice & Water Shield in Valleys
  • Ridge Cap Shingles
  • Starter Shingles
  • Painted Drip-Edge
  • Replace all Plumbing Flashing with new Galvanized Steel Flashing & Painted to match shingle color
  • Complete Pick-up of Nails using Magnets
  • Tear off & Haul Debris

Every traditional roof replacement will get your roof system following local codes if it is not so already.

This is a great reference to how much average roof replacements will cost you today in Spring, TX.

Smaller Home/Single-Story Roof Cost Example

2,800 sqft / 28 SQ

For a smaller, single-story home with no valleys a new roof would cost $10,500 in Spring, TX. For this example, we also replaced a couple of spots where they had damaged plywood and replaced some flashing connecting to the metal flat roof. 

Since this home isn’t complex and is a simple hip roof we were able to give the homeowner a great price and get them a new roof in 1 Day.

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