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How does our roof replacement work in Spring?

The only way to make sure you need a complete roof replacement is to inspect it. At HHH Roofing, every one of our team members conducts complete inspections with photos that send to our Homeowners. Once the inspection is complete, we will 100% honestly recommend either a roof replacement or a roof repair

Our Inspection Meeting

After our inspection, we will meet with you to talk about the process of a roof replacement and what materials we will be using. This is where we get to answer any questions about the process or address any concerns you may have before moving forward.

Getting the Permits

In Spring, it is not required to get a permit to replace your roof but, we do meet all required building codes. It is common to have to submit a form to your HOA to approve your roof replacement and we also help with the details needed to complete the forms.

Ordering The Materials

We only use high quality materials such as Owens Corning, CertainTEED, & GAF to ensure you have a roof system that will withstand Houston’s crazy weather. 

Our team will show you the materials we will be using for your roof system and all you have to do is choose the color!

Starting the Work

Our team starts every roof replacement at 7:00AM and completes the project in 1 Day. With our 2 Day Lead Time we schedule your roof replacement on a day that works best with you. 

Why HHH Roofing & Construction?

Spring's Certified & Licensed Roofing Company

Licensed and Insured, HHH roofing has quickly grown to be on the most trusted roofing companies in Spring, TX through repeat customers and referrals.

Our Guarantees:

  • Same-Day Estimates with Photos of Inspections
  • No deposit until you are 100% Satisfied
  • Best Out-of-Pocket Pricing with Optional Upgrades
  • Leak-Free Warranties starting at 5 Years

Our Pricing

Roof Replacement Cost


Traditional, Affordable, Local Roofing Supply Material
$ 375 - 380 per Square
  • OC Oakridge
  • Starter Shingles
  • OC Supreme (Hip & Ridge Shingles)
  • Ice & Water
  • Synthetic Underlayment
  • Painted Drip-Edge
  • Galvanized Vents/Pipe Flashing


Total Protection Roof System, Color-Vibrance, High Performance
$ 385 - 400 per Square
  • OC Duration
  • Starter Shingles
  • OC RizeRidge (Hip & Ridge Shingles)
  • OC Weatherlock Mat Ice & Water
  • OC RhinoRoof U20 Underlayment
  • Painted Drip-Edge
  • Galvanized Vents/Pipe Flashing
  • SureNail Technology – Owens Corning ensures top wind resistance with its patented woven fabric nailing strip. Provides wind resistance for up to 130 mph!
  • Insurance Cost Reduction – avoid costly insurance claims and reduce your insurance costs with impact-resistant class 4 shingles
  • Leading Technology – Owens Corning pioneered the introduction of fiberglass into shingles.
  • Increased Warranty – Includes Owens Corning Preferred Warranty

Choose the company that has the experience

35+ Years

Our focus is serving you, setting the best budget with efficient roof systems that will protect your home for years to come.

Why are you Waiting?

Concerned about a long, noisy, disruptive process to replace your roof:

Most are surprised to hear that our Roofing Team can complete an average residential roof replacement in 1 DAY. We love to stay communicated to our clients so there are no surprises!

Some just put it off:

We understand you are busy! Our free inspections are quick(only 15 minutes MAX). We will explain the issues, provide a solution, all we need from you is “what color shingle would you like?” *not repairing the damage WILL lead to rotten decking and even interior damage that will be more costly.

We are in an industry with so many shady contractors, a lot of homeowners have concerns about who to trust:

That is exactly why our family started our own roofing company. You can check out our Google reviews, find us on Facebook, Instagram, even YouTube. We are the roofing company that will be here for DECADES committed to our customer’s 100% satisfaction. 

Different types of roofs fail at different rates for different reasons

The most frequent failure cluse are:

  • Does the roof leak in numerous locations?
  • Do leaks continue despite repeated repair attempts?
  • Do new leaks develop after repairs?
  • CertainTeed Landmark, Landmark Pro
  • Owens Corning Oakridge, Duration
  • GAF Timberline HDZ 

When a roof replacement is taking place your home does become a construction site. This is why our team at HHH Roofing will typically finish an average home in 1 Day (Sunrise – Sunset)

We accept the following payments below:

  • Cash
  • Money Orders
  • Checks
  • ACH Bank Transfers (1% Fee)
  • Credit Cards (2.4% Fee)

When it comes to roof shingle colors, the solar reflectance of the color impacts the surface temperature. Lighter colors reflect sunlight more, which keeps them color while darker colored roofs tend to absorb more sunlight, making them warmer.

The shingle color can impact the roof surface temperature. There can be a difference of up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit between a black shingle and a white shingle, with a lesser differential in the range of colors.

Whether the surface temperature of your shingle impacts the temperature inside of your home depends on the amount of insulation you have installed between the attic and the living areas.

We love our customers expressing their concerns with us so we can do our due diligence as your roofing company!

Our first step is setting up the dumpster trailer in the driveway to make sure the majority of the debris is dropped straight into the dumpster.

We cover the pools with plywood and tarps to make sure no nails and debris are found in your pool.

Lastly we cover your beautiful plants with plywood and tarps with a simple method to have the debris slide off the plywood to the ground rather than falling and damaging your plants.

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