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How Much Does it Cost To Replace Roof Vent Boots?

How Much Does it Cost To Replace Roof Vent Boots?

If you’ve got a leak a cracked roof boot could be the cause. Inexpensive as this product may be, functional roof vent boots go a long way towards keeping water out of your home.

Roof Vent Boots are the #1 cause for leaks on your roof and in this blog we will teach you all about the different factors that go into roof vent boot replacement costs.

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What is a Roof Vent Boot?

Roof Vent Boots or also known as Pipe Flashing is a penetration on your roof to allow air into the plumbing system so drains flow freely and sewer gases can be vented safely outdoors. These are some examples of where you have vent pipes:

  • Bathroom: Bathroom fans and plumbing need to be vented outside for the systems to work
  • Kitchen: The range hood fan, dishwasher and sink need proper ventilation
  • Laundry: From the basement to the roof, plumbing systems need to be vented

Vent pipe flashing protects the area around the pipes to prevent water infiltration.

How Much Does it Cost To Replace A Roof Vent Boot?

The typical cost to replace roof vent boots is between $200 and $600. If you are only needing one roof vent boot replaced on a single-story roof your total cost will be closer to the $200.

As a roofing contractor, if the roof vent boot is on a steep pitch and harder to access it is going to require a harness and extra labor to replace it resulting into a higher total cost.

Walkable Roof

Steep Roof

Usually we aren’t replacing only 1 roof vent boot for a repair. Since they were installed around the same time, the pipe boots will usually have deteriorated the same over the years.

The #1 reason why it may cost more than $200

Extra Damage: 

As a homeowner, if you put off fixing a leak then it will result in extra costly damage. If water keeps coming in around the penetration it will seep into the underlayment and decking.

If the decking is damaged then it will start to sag, get soft and it will not be a proper nail able surface for the new plumbing boot.


The extra damage of the plywood results into more labor and extra material required meaning a higher total cost.

Example of a Roof Vent Boot Replacement Estimate

  • Remove Surrounding Shingles
  • Remove Underlayment
  • Replace Plumbing Boot with New Galvanized Steel Plumbing Boot
  • Replace Underlayment
  • Replace Shingles
  • Seal & Caulk Exposed Nails
  • Spray Paint to match other Vents & shingles

Most Common Type of Vent Pipe Flashings

Galvanized Steal Base with Adjustable Rubber Collar

Our Recommendation for Every Homeowner!

Hard Plastic Base with Adjustable Rubber Collar

Copper/Lead Roof Boot

From a roofing contractor point of view, Squirrels and other critters are always found eating the lead or copper boots which is why we never recommend these type of boots to homeowners.

Do you need a boot pipe replaced?

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