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Repairing siding is perhaps the best way to simultaneously give your home a functionality boost and a beautifying update. Repairing siding will not only keep your home looking fresh, but it will ensure that it is energy-efficient by keeping warm air in and cold air out during respective seasons. 

Replacing siding just like repairing a roof is a cost that most people don’t want to incur. Just like a roof system, siding damage can get too advanced and lead to structural damage and more expensive repairs.

Here are some signs and consequences:

1. Water Damage

If your siding is damaged or missing, then water will get through the gaps and enter your home’s walls. The water will not only damage the siding panels but may damage your interior walls.

Bubbles in the siding is a sign that water is getting trapped underneath instead of shedding it off completely. 

2. Peeling Paint in the House

Peeling paint and loose wall paper could be a sign of faulty siding. Moisture has entered underneath the siding and started to damage the inside of the house.

3. High Energy Bills

If your home heating and cooling costs start to climb that could be an in issue with faulty siding or insulation.

4. Curb Appeal is lost

Old and damaged siding will affect your home’s appearance. If you are trying to sell your home, the first thing will people will notice is your home’s outside.

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The average national to repair siding is about $500. The cost will be determined by the amount of siding material needed and which type of siding you have.

If you are just needing a few panels or trim replaced the cost will usually come out to be $400-$1,000.

Most siding repairs take 1 day if they are simple.

Most repairs can be done the following day as long as we have adequate time to get the siding material that matches. However, due to certain weather conditions it may need to be pushed a day or two back.

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