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TPO is Our Specialty

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  • Cost-Effective

    Compared to other roofing materials such as PVC, TPO systems are relatively an inexpensive option

  • Energy-Efficient

    Reflect the sun's heat, keeping your buildings cool and your energy bills low

  • Durable

    Highly resistant to puncturing tearing, or water damage

  • Simple Setup

    TPO is lightweight and flexible and is much simpler to install meaning less labor and time spent on installation

Project Gallery

Check out these gorgeous new flat roofs that were completed near you!

TPO Roof Replacement Pricing

1 Roofing Square = 100sqft

TPO Roof Replacement

$500-1,200 per Square
  • Clean Roof & Prep for TPO Roof System
  • Mechanically or Adhesively Attach Insulation
  • Mechanically or Adhesively Attach 40, 50, or 60 Mil TPO
  • Include all accessories for a complete TPO Roof System

TPO Roof Overlay Options

Modified Bitumen
Existing TPO
Let us put your mind at ease

Read the FAQ's

  1. As soon as you give us a call we will schedule a time for us to come out.
  2. We will do a full inspection to determine the best-fit roof system
  3. Then we will give you an estimate of the price and scope of work.

TPO is usually mechanically attached to any flat roof such as Modified Bitumen.

It can also be installed with fully adhered applications. 

A general estimate puts the life span of TPO roofs between 15 to 20 years.

Due to current supply shortages, there is a wait time for Poly-Iso Insulation (6+ Months).

With the market constantly fluctuating, some commercial materials can be several months. We stay in constant communication with our customers to let them know as soon as we get new information.

Call HHH Roofing for the latest up-to-date answers!

Real Life Customer Testimonials

We had HHH Roofing and Construction do a full roof replacement and replace some of the trim. They did an excellent job! We highly recommend Eric and his team. They were kind, courteous, and very responsive. Eric walked us through everything that we needed to know.

H. Gombo

I worked with Eric to help with a new roof replacement. He explained the process and made it easy to go through. Lots of communication and great quality work was performed. Will definitely use again for any future roofing needs.

Osiel Saenz

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We are ready to help transform your buildings with durable, energy-efficient products that can help protect your business, improve your comfort and save you money.

Our Inspections include:

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