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5 Most Common Roof Insurance Questions

5 Most Common Roof Insurance Questions

These are the 5 most common roof insurance questions we get asked by homeowners when they have storm damage.

Table of Contents

1. What is the Insurance Company Looking For?

When you file an insurance claim, your insurance company will send out an adjuster to inspect the damage. The insurance adjuster is looking for physical evidence for storm damage either Hail or Wind damage.

Hail Damage

Wind Damage

Missing Shingles

The insurance adjuster looks for “hail hits” on your shingles, exposing the underlayment or fiberglass or if it’s wind damage they will look for missing shingles and lifted shingles. They will need to find enough evidence on your roof to declare that it had enough damage to the point of shortening the standard roof lifespan.

Even though hail damage doesn’t pose an immediate threat to your home, it will eventually lead to problems. 

  • Accelerated Granule Loss
  • Accelerated Roof Aging
  • Void Manufacturer’s Warranty

2. Will My Insurance Rates Go Up if I File a Claim?

No, your rates will not go up if you file an insurance claim!

This is due to the storm damage happening as an “act of God”. It is completely out of your control and there was nothing you can do to prevent it. 

Insurance rates can increase for everyone in a certain area due to a major storm passing through & multiple claims are being filed. Remember, this happens to everyone even those who haven’t filed any claims.

3. How Does The Payment Process Work?

Once the insurance claim is approved, the insurance company will send over the 1st check. This 1st check is used to get started on your work. As soon as the job is complete, you will send the invoice from the roofing company or proof of completion. The insurance company will then send the 2nd check.

First check

The first check will be sent to the policyholder from the insurance company as soon as the claim has been approved.

Second Check (Recoverable Depreciation)

The second check is withheld until the repairs to your roof are completed. The second check is generally a percentage of the total amount and is usually referred to as “recoverable depreciation”. It is sent to the policyholder when the insurance company receives an invoice for the final payment.

4. Can I Have My Deductible Covered?

No, you cannot have your deductible covered! A deductible is part of your home insurance policy. It is illegal for contractors to waive your deductible.

How would a contractor help me avoid paying a deductible?

One way is by “creating extra costs” giving you a higher estimate than the actual cost to repair your roof. The contractor then uses the extra money paid by the insurance company to cover your deductible. That is illegal.

What's the harm?

Contractors who waive your deductible will be sending false information to your insurance company about the cost of repairs. That would be insurance fraud.

In our experience, these contractors will make their profit by cutting corners or using lower-quality products.

How will the insurance company know if I paid my deductible?

Insurance companies can ask for proof that you paid your deductible before they send the 2nd check. You might have to show a check, money order, credit card statement, or a copy of the payment plan with your contractor.

5. Do I Need to Get Multiple Estimates?

Yes & No

I recommend getting multiple estimates to shop for the right roofing company that is licensed & local to explain the process to you and maintain great communication.

Sometimes insurance companies will ask the homeowner to shop around for 3 bids. 90% of the time insurance companies will underpay your roof claim. A great roofing company will create a bid using the Insurance company estimate software, Xactimate to provide an accurate estimate using the updated monthly local pricing

Using a great roofing company, won’t make you pay more of a deductible it will only solidify that you have the best experience and a High-Quality New Roof.

Eric Hernandez

Eric Hernandez

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