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3 Tips To Extend the Lifespan Of A Commercial Roof

3 Tips To Extend the Lifespan Of A Commercial Roof

As a business owner or facility manager, ensuring the longevity and performance of your commercial roof is essential to protect your investment and maintain a secure working environment.

Want to optimize your commercial roof to the fullest of its lifespan? Well, we got just the tips for you! Your commercial roof is a big investment and responsibility to keep up with. However, it is important to know that regular maintenance can help expand the lifespan of your roof, avoiding the headache of constant repairs or replacements.

So, let’s dive in and discover how you can maximize the lifespan of your commercial roof through effective maintenance strategies.

Table of Contents

1. Keep Regular Maintenance

As simple as it may sound, making sure that you are constantly checking on the maintenance of your roof is an important factor in looking at the longevity of your roof. Regular cleaning will help maintain the appearance of your roof. To put it in simple words, MAKE SURE YOUR ROOF IS CLEAN.

Here are some examples; 

  • Clean all debris such as tree branches or leaves: Many of this debris can accumulate on your roof over time, especially if there are overhanging trees or nearby construction. 
  • Clean all gutters and downspouts: Clogged gutters can lead to water backup, causing leaks and damage to the roof and building structure. Regularly inspect and clean the gutters to remove leaves, debris, and any obstructions.

2. Regularly Inspect your Roof

Getting a roof inspection regularly can help identify minor roof issues early on to help prevent them from becoming major problems. 

A leak on your roof is an early fix if you prioritize it. However, leaving the issue unattended can lead to more headaches in the future which is why it is important to have someone come out to check on the property.

Pro Tip: As soon as you suspect a roof leak call a roofing company. Sometimes it can be a simple repair as welding a seam or patch, but if you leave unattended the matter will get worse.

Commercial Roof Leak

Commercial Roof Leak

Leak Coming from Open Seam

New Patch Welded

3. Hire Carefully NOT Cheaply

As a property owner, it’s essential to understand that making wise hiring decisions for your roofing project goes far beyond cost considerations, it is important to hire carefully and not just “Chuck with the Truck”. 

While the temptation to focus solely on minimizing costs during the hiring process may be present, it is essential to prioritize hiring carefully and valuing quality over cheap labor.

Commercial roofing material takes a trained contractor to navigate where leaks are coming from & how to stop them.

Pro-Tip: Your commercial roofing contractor should be offering a leak warranty!

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