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Should I File An Insurance Claim For My Roof?

Should I File An Insurance Claim For My Roof?

We got a lot of questions about roof insurance claims. Like should I file an insurance claim on my roof? You maybe have door knockers or people pressuring you to file an insurance claim but you don’t know who to trust. The short answer is yes you should file a claim on your roof if there is storm damage. Read below or watch to video to see why we recommend filing a claim. 

What Type of Storm Damage Would you Suggest Filing A Roof Claim For?

  • Hail 
  • High Winds
  • Tree Falling and Damaging Your Roof
  • Hurricane

If there has been a recent storm in your neighborhood or you notice your roof is damage that’s a good sign you should consider filing a claim. Before you call your insurance company we recommend calling your local roofer to come out and see if there is actual storm damage.

Reasons Why You Should File An Insurance Claim For Your Roof

1. Your Roof Has Storm Damage

If there has been a storm then your roof may be damaged. The reason why insurance companies cover hail, high winds, natural disasters, etc. is because the lifespan of your roof has been shortened. If your roof has hail damage the granolas have fallen off or even have holes on the shingle. If there is high wind the sealant is gone. 

Your roof may seem fine to the average person but if you can’t know for sure until you walk on the roof and inspect everything. If your roof is damaged then you may not notice but you’ll start having leaks a lot sooner than you should be having.

Signs of Storm Damage

  • Granules Missing
  • Bruised Shingles
  • Dented Metals
  • Lifted Shingles

2. You Are Paying For The Storm Damage Already

If you home insurance, chances are you have been paying the premium for years. You are paying for protection for a reason. If your neighbors roof gets replaced and you decide not to file a claim, your rates are probably going to go up and you will have to replace your roof out of your pocket. If there is storm damage file a claim because you are already paying for it. Why pay for insurance if you’re not going to use it when you have storm damage on your home.

3. You Have Nothing To Lose If you File A Roof Claim

Please note only file a claim if you sincerely think there is storm damage and always call a roofer first. A lot of times homeowners think filing a insurance claim on their roof is going to make your rates go up. No your rates do not go up because it is an “act of god” meaning you had no control over the storm. It’s not your fault and that’s why your insurance covers it. Worse case scenario if you file a claim and do not have storm damage than at-least you have peace of mind and now have a better understand of the condition of your roof and your policy contract. You have nothing to lose if you file a claim but if you don’t it may cost you in the near future.

BONUS: If You Don’t Use Your Insurance You Lose It

Sometimes homeowners think I’ll file a claim later. Or they aren’t aware they have storm damage. If you don’t file a claim within a certain time period from the date of the event (usually 2yrs) your insurance will not cover it anymore. Or if you change insurance companies and your new insurance company is telling you, you have to replace your roof. Even if you have hail damage you have to pay it out of pocket because you canceled or changed your policy holder. 

We know insurance claims can be confusing. If you have any other questions or think you might have storm damage, give us a call. We are a Local Roofing Company located in Spring, TX. We are here to help make the process easier for you and give you peace of mind.

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Eric Hernandez

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