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Do you need an emergency roof repair? High winds and hail cause serious damage to homes and business. Therefore, when this type of emergency strikes, it’s vital to contact a professional.

Firstly, they will prevent further damage from spreading inside your home. More importantly, any failure to act on an emergency can lead to serious issues and even a costly roof replacement that could have been avoided.

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At HHH Roofing, we are available at any moment’s notice. As a leading company in Spring, Tx you can feel confident that we will not only deliver the best quality but a speedy repair. We are a local-owned company with over 30+ years of experience. 

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Most Common Repair

The most common issue we come across homes are due to Plumbing Boots. For this reason, a majority of repairs are fixed by sealing the plumbing boots or even replacing it entirely.

Water is attracted to the penetration points. Hence, plumbing boots being the most common repair. At HHH Roofing, we actually recommend to get an immediate inspection if you suspect a problem. If the problem isn’t immediately fixed it can go from a $200 to $600 problem now including replacing the damaged plywood underneath and even more surrounding shingles. 

What Causes Emergencies?

Inadequate roofing maintenance, bad installation, and especially inclement weather can all cause an emergency roof repair. However, storm damage is the most common cause of these types of repairs. By all means the best way to prevent emergency roof damage is with proper roof maintenance and immediately fixing minor repairs.

Even with proper maintenance, these emergencies are still possible.

Possible Causes:

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