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Custom-Fabricated PVC


Why Choose a DURO-LAST Flat Roof?

Duro-Last has been the industry leader in manufacturing and marketing custom pre-fabricated single-ply membrane roofing systems for flat or low slope roofs since 1978. The custom-fabricated, single ply PVC Duro-Last commercial roofing system is ideal for any flat or low-slope roof. Extremely durable and easily installed by authorized Duro-Last contractors without disrupting building operations.


Duro-Last Roof System Cost


Based on the Industry standard in the Houston area, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 and $1,200 per Square for a Duro-Last roof system. An average 15,000 sq. foot commercial roof usually costs between $5 – $12 per square foot. To understand pricing for your roof system, you will need to consider the following key factors:

  • Size of your roof (square footage)
  • Insulation Choice
  • Thickness of Membrane Choice
  • Installation Choice
  • Access to roof
  • Current condition of the existing Roof



  • Clean Roof & Prep for Duro-Last Roof System
  • Mechanically or Adhesively Attach Duro-Last Insulation
  • Mechanically or Adhesively Attach 40, 50, of 60 Mil Duro-Last PVC Roof System according to manufacturer
  • Include all accessories for a complete PVC Roof System

Duro-Last Membrane Types of Applications

Mechanical Attachment: Fasteners and plates are used to securely attach sections of membrane to the roof deck

Adhered: Duro-Last offers several adhesive options for applying the roof membrane to the deck surface

Duro-Last 40 Mil

Project Type: Commercial Roofing Installation
Products Used: 40 Mil Duro-Last
Application Type: Mechanical Attachment

Duro-Last 40 Mil

Project Type: Commercial Roofing Installation
Products Used: 40 Mil Duro-Last
Application Type: Mechanical Attachment

How is a Duro-Last roof repaired?

A Duro-Last roof will last approximately 25-30 years. With a Duro-Last system, repairs by a professional roofing company can be quite simple and just take 1 day’s time and bring your roof’s integrity back.

Building owners will first notice they need a Duro-Last roof repair when the water is entering the building. This usually happens when the seams come loose and need to be re-welded or the membrane is punctured. Once the water moves past the membrane it will enter the roofing insulation and over time will enter your roof deck and eventually start to leak inside your building.

At this stage, it’s time to call a commercial roofing contractor to perform a roofing inspection. A roofing inspection with our professional roofing contractors will identify the following:

  • The area of where the leak is
  • Current age of the roof
  • Current layers of the roof
  • Condition of the Seams

Duro-Last Roofing Applications

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