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2021: TPO Roof Cost Houston, TX

Installing a TPO Roof System can be a great investment for your property

Not only does it increase the longevity of your roof but can also help make your building more energy efficient. There are many budget friendly options for any owner looking for a TPO Roof System.


How Much Does A TPO Roof System Cost in Houston? 2021

Installing a TPO Roof System in Houston TX can cost between $400 – $1,200 Square.


If you have $50,000/sqft that equals 50 Squares

A Roof Replacement can for 50 squares will cost between $20,000 – $60,000.

TPO Roof System


4 Factors that Effect Price of a TPO Roof: (Complexity of Roof, Material Being Used, Company, & Warranty)


Complexity of the Roof

How difficult is it for us to do the job. When it comes to your flat roof every roof is different. That’s there isn’t a one fit price on a TPO Roof, it varies. For example these are items that can make installing your roof more difficult and therefore more expensive

 Multiple Roof Layers

  • Does your flat roof have multiple layers?
  • The more layers you have the more likely we would need to remove a layer or install longer screws

Type of Roof Decking

  • Do you have metal or wood decking? Or do you have concrete? Installing a TPO Membrane on concrete decking would require special nails and take longer

Multiple AC Units or Equipment

  • Are we able to install the TPO roof easily or do we have to move a lot of equipment. Having a lot of AC units would slow us down, versus if the roof was clear.

Details (Walls, Skylights, Boots, Scuppers, Etc.)

  • Do you have tall walls on your roof? Do you have skylights we need to flash? What about the amount of plumbing boots and scuppers?

Material Being Used

A TPO roof has a lot of components that come into play. The components vary in the type of roof you have and what will work best with your budget.

Roof Insulation

  • When it comes to insulation it comes in all sorts of sizes. For example we have fan fold insulation that is about 1/2″. We can also use ISO insulation that come in 1″, 2″, 3″, etc.
  • The insulation you go with will depend on the roof you have on right now and how much insulation you already have. For example if you have a gravel roof we can’t use fan fold insulation. But if you already have a TPO roof we can install fan fold insulation and then a new TPO Roof on top of that.

TPO Membrane

  • When it comes to TPO we can get it in different options. We can not only change the Mil (60Mil, 80Mil, etc.) But we can also attach it mechanically or self adhere.

Company Installing TPO Roof System

Just like the material you go with is important, the company that installs your TPO Roof System is important too. If you are going to invest thousands of dollars into a new roof system the last thing you want is to cut corners on who installs it. Here are some good factors to consider when choosing your company.

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Are they Licensed & Insured?
  • Are they certified?
  • Do you have experience or references?


Warranty will effect the price of your flat roof. There are two types of warranties (Manufacturer & Company). This is best understood by talking to a company.

  • Manufacturer Warranty: Most brands have a basic warranty with the product, you can choose to upgrade but usually it will cost more.
  • Company Warranty: This warranty varies from company to company. A company will at times offer there own warranty on the labor giving you the piece of mind everything was installed correctly.



If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or give us a call. We always get back to all the questions. If you are looking for TPO Roof Estimate in Houston click down below or give us a call at 832-458-1602

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